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PitchBurner powers interactive experiences through competitions, contests and award programs.

What is PitchBurner?

PitchBurner provides web tools that enable organizations to provide deeper engagement with their target audience through competitions, contests and award programs. PitchBurner's six interactive modules provide organizers a single interface to streamline operations and increase participant engagement,saving time and money.

What our partners have to say

“There’s no way we could have pulled off an event like this without the PitchBurner Team.”

Claudine Galloway
Claudine Galloway, Haberman Inc, and Jolly Time Popcorn

Partnering with PitchBurner took a great amount of the stress and worry out of organizing and planning the competition, and let us focus on other areas where we could improve. It was nice to know there was someone out there monitoring the competition who had our back. Though we were across the country, it was as though we had an expert team nearby.”

Gabrielle Zucarro
Gabrielle Zucarro, Fairleigh Dickinson University

“PitchBurner was everything I needed to get the job done. They truly were my partner in accomplishing what I had to do to make this competition a success.”

Cindy Vandervort
Cindy Vandervort, SVP Arizona

One platform, three ways to engage



Streamline operations and provide the experience your stakeholders deserve. Easily collect applications, manage them, and provide access to your reviewers. The built in scoring system allows your review panel to leave quantitative evaluations and provide the valuable feedback that applicants desire.

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Run a variety of campaigns such as photo and video contests. Aesthetically list entries for the public to share through social media, view, and vote. Need more? Leverage the same powerful tools that competitions and awards use to manage entries, run reports, and create workflows.

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Allow the public to nominate others or self nominate themselves. The nomination process automatically categorizes nominees into predefined categories, allowing for streamlined operations and program management. Allow peer or expert review and publicly showcase award recipients for social recognition.

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The Numbers


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About Us

What We Do And Why

In a rapidly changing and increasingly competitive marketplace, organizations of all variations are battling for unique ways to engage with their target audience. Naturally, organizations flocked to competitions, contests, and award programs to create highly interactive, multi-touch, personal relationships. Unfortunately, this model was only accessible by groups with large internal tech teams and the budget to “build a homemade solution”. Even with this budget, time and money was wasted “building” something that didn’t meet the needs of their audience. Those without a budget decided not to run these programs or deployed a half-baked process that was equally adverse.

By experiencing these pain points ourselves, PitchBurner was born. We knew we could build a solution, dictated by actual market needs, that fit within stretched budgets. Through proven technology and industry best practices, the PitchBurner platform enables organizations of all sizes the ability to streamline operations and run engaging competitions, contests and award programs.