Innovative Web Engagement

The PitchBurner marketing platform allows brands to rapidly deploy multi-touch web engagement campaigns and data collection.

What our partners have to say

"There’s no way we could have pulled off an event like this without the PitchBurner team".

Claudine Galloway
Claudine Galloway, Haberman Inc, and Jolly Time Popcorn

Platform Overview

Powerful Modules

PitchBurner provides six modules that rapidly and cost effectively deploy campaigns of all sizes.

Easily create custom campaigns

Gather and manage custom data

Robust tools to manage and analyze data

Evaluations, scoring, and voting tools

Drive visibility via social and public channels

Metrics and key performance indicators

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The Numbers

Average number of campaign touches per participant.
Average time users engaged - creating strong relationships.
Trusted by over 165 innovative brands.
Powering 300+ web engagement campaigns.
About Us

What We Do And Why

In a rapidly changing and increasingly competitive marketplace, brands of all variations are battling for personal engagement with their target audience. Seeking ways to effectively leave a lasting impression, many brands understand the value in leveraging the online environment to cultivate engagement. However, over-stretched internal tech teams and overpriced software concerns create time and budget constraints for brands worldwide.

PitchBurner was born to cut through those challenges. We efficiently launch multitouch web events, helping you to not only connect, but to also engage with your audience on a more personalized level. PitchBurner can do this inside your budget, on your timeline and without stretching valuable resources thin.

Whether your brand is large, small or any size in between - we will help you leverage our platform for increased web engagement.