Startup Culture and Why We Love It
Company News|PitchBurner|April 15, 2014

Here at PitchBurner, we are very enthusiastic about our company. We love our team and our clients. Most importantly, we are absolutely bonkers about what we do. All of these totally awesome characteristics pull together to form a culture that’s completely unique to startup companies (and us!). Here are a few reasons why we love it so much:

Where?! Why?!
Company News|PitchBurner|April 1, 2014

You may wonder why we keep asking you these questions on our blog. No, we aren’t as demanding as we seem. We’re just back, enthusiastic and ready to tell you more about the 6 Age-Old Ways to Narrow the Scope of Your Event; specifically, as mentioned in the title, the “where!?” and the “why?”

43North: Helping Entrepreneurs and Startups across the Globe
PitchBurner|PitchBurner|March 25, 2014

With $5 million in cash prizes, including a top award of $1 million, six $500,000 awards and four $250,000 awards, 43North is helping entrepreneurs, startups and teams from across the globe turn their business ideas into reality in Buffalo, NY.

Ballston BID: A Tasty Competition
PitchBurner|PitchBurner|March 10, 2014

The Ballston BID is seeking the "Next Signature Restaurant." This new program is designed to activate commercial space and showcase Ballston as a magnet for discovery and innovation. This continuation of the LaunchPad Program will again showcase the creative, supportive environment that the Ballston BID fosters for entrepreneurs in the community.

Minnesota Cup: Fostering New Business Ideas Across the State
PitchBurner|PitchBurner|February 7, 2014

The Minnesota Cup is an entrepreneurial competition that supports and accelerates the development of breakthrough business ideas from across the state. Its mission is to seek out, support, celebrate and promote Minnesota’s newest and most innovative business ideas through this annual statewide contest that connects Minnesota entrepreneurs with the state’s leading business leaders, investors, the University of Minnesota and the state of Minnesota. 

Providence College: Building A Community Exchange
PitchBurner|PitchBurner|December 30, 2013

College entrepreneurship programs take a variety of different forms.  Some are exclusively academic, others centered on solely providing support to student entrepreneurs.  But Providence College in Providence, RI has something truly unique: The Community Exchange, where members of the student body and the community meet to make a real, tangible difference.

How Do You Stack Up?
Company News|PitchBurner|July 17, 2013

PitchBurner is much more than a tool for running competitions as we differentiate ourselves in the areas of Passion, Consulting, Product, and Support.  We quantify value for our clients through our expertise along with industry-leading best practices to build an ecosystem of success around their events.  By having access to top-notch support and our Entrepreneurship Consultants, we offer a 360 degree suite of services to improve every aspect of your program backed by our robust web-based platform. Let's Chat

60 Days of Change

With the fall competition season rapidly approaching (about 60 days away), it's time to add a few new ideas to your bag of tricks.  Many of our partners ask how they can build more engagement and excitement around their events to keep the participation growing every year.

By bridging opportunities for students to connect before, during, and after your events, you'll also create a way to introduce your judges and stakeholders to top talent.  


3 Tips to Integrate Recruiting Into Your Competition

1.  Leverage Your Alumni and Personal Networks
One of your most valuable assets is the broad range of expertise that your alumni-network offers.  When it comes to competitions, putting students in touch with individuals that are in their field of interest creates major value for the student and the alumnus.  Be sure to look outside your region as well and incorporate opportunities for them to participate in your competition remotely.  More details on how to facilitate this long-distance involvement can be found here.

2.  High School Outreach
Any university can attest to the value of exposing students to their brand and value early on.  If you currently don't have a high school division for your competition, you need to seriously consider it.  By bringing in high school students, it not only creates a new dimension to your competition but it also puts your organization top of mind when students are making decisions on where to apply.  Here is a great example.
3.  Local Community Outreach
Competitions are not all about prizes.  Time and time again we hear that young entrepreneurs are looking for more opportunities to connect with local businesses.  Internship opportunities and continuing mentorship after a competition provide a very powerful incentive to get students to participate.  By facilitating these types of relationships and providing value after a competition closes, you can expect a long-term interest in your newly create entrepreneurship ecosystem.  

How are you creating change in your entrepreneurship program?  Share your story with us and we'll feature you and your program in our PitchBurner Academy LinkedIn group.  The PitchBurner Academy is a group dedicated to providing best-practices and connecting entrepreneurship champions across the globe.

PitchBurner featured on the Startup America Partnership
Company News|PitchBurner|May 15, 2012

The Startup America Partnership celebrates entrepreneurship and brings recognition to innovative products and services.

PitchBurner - Media
Company News|PitchBurner|April 22, 2012

PitchBurner - highlighted on the radio for discussing the art of the quick pitch.....

mLearning and Mobile Pitch Night - Winners
Event Winners|PitchBurner|April 3, 2012

15 teams of young software application developers took part in Desire2Learn's Pitch Night - a competition which challenged the teams to present their ideas clearly and convincingly to the judges in less than five minutes.

2012 Software Builders Challenge - Winners
Event Winners|PitchBurner|April 2, 2012

Congratulations to the winners of the first annual Nebraska Software Builders Challenge!

UNL 3 2 1 Quick Pitch 2012 - Winners
Event Winners|PitchBurner|March 27, 2012

UNL's third annual 3-2-1 Quick Pitch Competition was held at Memorial Stadium on February 23, 2012.  The competition was presented by by the Center for Entrepreneurship, Southeast Community College Entrepreneurship Center, and Lincoln Public Schools Entrepreneurship Focus Program for students from Nebraska high schools, 2-year colleges, and 4-year colleges. 

Nebraska Innovation Competition 2012 - Winners
Event Winners|PitchBurner|March 16, 2012

The Center for Entrepreneurship hosted their 25th Annual Innovation Competition (formerly called New Ventures World Competition) on Tuesday, March 13, 2012, 8:00 a.m. downtown Embassy Suites Lincoln, NE.

PitchBurner improving business plan competitions nationwide
Company News|PitchBurner|March 15, 2012

Universities across the country participate in quick pitch and business plan competitions, giving students a chance to share their entrepreneurial ideas. However, many of these competitions have trouble getting organized and often miss the mark on providing solid feedback for those who don’t win the overall event. Ethan Meyer, managing director of PitchBurner, and his team have created a solution.